Next-generation mission planning and execution

A mobile-first, web-based, mission planning and execution tool, Playbook is designed for ease-of-use and is mission critical software that allows crew members in space and flight controllers in mission control to have situational awareness of the overall mission plan. Playbook has been deployed on a variety of NASA missions, including the International Space Station, NEEMO, BASALT, HERA, and HI-SEAS.


Stardust Design System

Design system supporting the Playbook ecosystem

Stardust is an atomic design system informing the development of Playbook and its ecosystem of software tools. The design system consists of color guides, typographical foundations, icon libraries, component libraries, and interaction concepts. Stardust allows designers and developers to build Playbook software features efficiently, consistently, and at scale. Built in Figma, Stardust is a living document and is open to the development team for collaboration.


EVA Operations Systems (EOS)

Digitizing spacewalks on ISS

A suite of features developed for Playbook (see above) that bring digital benefits to the execution of extravehicular activities, more commonly referred to as spacewalks, aboard the International Space Station. EOS features in Playbook are an integration of many data points and stakeholders in a complex operational environment and are meant to enhance the situational awareness of flight controllers in mission control during an EVA.


Mars 2020 COCPIT

Mission planning for NASA’s latest Mars rover

COCPIT is a branch of Playbook (see above) that’s being adapted for use as the primary planning tool for NASA’s next Mars rover, Perseverance, which itself is the “sister” of NASA’s current Mars rover, Curiosity. COCPIT handles complex mission planning paradigms and integrates data from a suite of other mission critical software tools. The development of COCPIT is a collaborative effort between the Human-Computer Interaction Group at NASA Ames Research Center and The Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


Jimin Zheng

Product Designer

Hello, my name is Jimin. I love venturing into uncharted territory and adding structure to places where there isn't any.

Based in California, I'm currently a design lead at NASA (under contract via San Jose State University Research Foundation), working on the user experience of human and robotic mission planning. The tools I work on have been to the bottoms of oceans, tops of volcanoes, space, and soon to another planet. In my previous life, I was a product and brand strategy consultant at GfK, working in the Latin American automotive industries.

For more info about me, check out my résumé and Linkedin.